DPM Hiring

    Management & Coaching Skills Training

    Staff performance management and coaching skills training for you and your office managers to get the best out of your expensive team

    This system will quickly and easily turn you, or your Practice Managers, into world class performance coaches who know the real principles that make people perform better.

    You will learn the real principles that drive staff performance. You will also get a simple, yet powerful, one page model for coaching anyone at any time on ANY issue – and you don’t even without even being an expert. You can use it to improve your own or even a family member’s performance – whether school or sports – it’s that powerful.

    With these practical tools you’ll quickly know how to:

    • Hold your staff accountable.

    • Coach your staff to higher performance.

    • Give feedback without generating defensiveness, emotion and drama.

    • How to easily handle your most difficult employees.

    • Improve any area of your business with complete buy-in from your staff, and more.

    DPM Hiring