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    DPM A – Z Hiring System

    I’ve assembled a system that contains all of the resources you need to make hiring easier, faster, more productive, and cheaper than doing it any other way.  Yes, even CHEAPER THAN USING INTUITION (and guaranteed more effective) as a hiring and performance enhancing guide.

    Here’s everything you’ll get with the Real Talent Hiring & Performance System …

    A Convenient and Comprehensive Online Hiring System

    This system is filled with the valuable samples, references and user-friendly tools you need to understand how this system will work for you, plus EVERYTHING you need to find, screen, interview, and hire the right candidate the first time.  It contains …

    Sample Performance ValuationThis is the performance profile exercise.  It’s called a “Valuation” because the process involves a candidate assigning value to various phrases and reveals a wealth of information about what value they might bring to your business.  It’s NOT a behavioral assessment but an accurate predictor of performance … a performance assessment that gives you a crystal ball as to how each candidate thinks and makes decisions so you’ll know exactly how they’ll perform on the job.

    The Hiring MRI – Performance Profile & Hiring Decision Guide is like putting your candidate through a 90-day probationary employment period withOUT the significant monetary expense and time commitment of actually having them on staff for 90 days.  Then if they don’t work out, you don’t have to fire anyone!

    4 Sample Hiring Decision Guidesa PRICELESS 5-page snapshot of 4 individual candidates that I’ll walk you through in the fast start CD.  You will easily see how to quickly read and understand the Performance Interview Guide so you can make dead on accurate hiring decisions knowing exactly where the trouble is.

    You’ll also see revealing detailed information about how they’ll perform on the job based on the results of their Hiring MRI.  Plus, the Hiring Decision Guide includes interview questions  notes specific to each candidate on page 5, so you can tailor your interview to exploit weaknesses and avoid bad hires! It’s designed to give you detailed and insightful information about your candidate – but in a simple, yet detailed, at-a-glance format – because you don’t have time to read 40 page reports and try to decipher whether they’re a good hire or not. You need quick and easy information.

    Online Reference Manual – There is an entire online reference manual for further insight and information on your candidates. The Performance Interview Guide is a simple, yet powerful, 5 page Risk Analysis… but you also might want to dig in and know even more about specific strengths or problems mentioned… No problem – You can take any one sentence ‘issue’, go online to the reference manual and you’ll get a full page detailed description of the item you’re questioning with even more interview questions for you to use that are specific to that very candidate.  This system goes way beyond typical personality and behavioral assessments.

    Your COMPLETE A-Z Finding, Interviewing, and Hiring System! These materials were specifically designed and chosen to provide you with everything you need to become an expert at hiring star performers fast!

    The 9 Steps to the Perfect Interview Process – use this as your methodology for conducting the most productive interviews that pinpoint weaknesses and extract information from applicants like nothing else can.

    A report entitled The 7 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Bosses Make – sure to help you avoid costly mistakes so you can hire right the first time.

    Job Profile Creator – A template to walk you through the process of creating the job profile for the role you’re looking to fill.  This is where the rubber meets the road on finding qualified applicants.

    Screening tips for weeding out resumes – Learn how to screen a resume quickly and accurately so you can speed up the hiring process.

    A List Of Specific Interview Questions – Use this list for front end interviews and to augment what the Performance Interview Guide will tell you to ask … the more you ask, the more you’ll learn about your candidate.

    The Tests: Grammar & Typing – find out where to get these useful tests, for FREE, so you can prequalify candidates during the interview process.

    Background Check – Nowadays background checks are a necessity to secure your business and workplace safety.  Here you’ll find resources on getting them.

    Reference Check resources – This includes over 20 reference check questions to ask (most people don’t know how to properly check references) and an actual reference check waiver form.

    Advertising the position resources – tips on how to word your hiring ads so you will get the right candidates.

    • Sample recruiting ad for a medical office
    • Sample recruiting email – Have you found the right position YET?


    So this system is all-encompassing in that it immediately helps you to easily, quickly hire the right person the first time … BUT, the materials you’ll receive will ensure that you can repeat this process every time you need to hire again, and you’ll get better and better at it.

    By implementing the techniques you’ll learn for crafting your job posting and fine-tuning your (or your staff’s) interview skills, you’ll automatically build a stronger, better, more productive, and more profitable company!

    And the best part is that the Real Talent Hiring & Performance System is GUARANTEED!

    This is hands-down the most accurate and easy way to hire right the first time.  And remember, you’ll use this on your existing employees as well so you can maximize productivity, motivate your staff, and reduce turnover.

    The money you’ll save from avoiding just one bad hire will easily pay for this system many times over!

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    Once again, I guarantee the Real Hiring & Talent System!  Start building your business the right way, right now.

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