DPM Hiring

    Group DPM Coaching

    Monthly Coaching and Conference Calls

    Join Jay on a coaching call each month where you will learn new insights, ideas, and strategies that you can immediately apply to help you run your Podiatry Practice more successfully. Each month, you will be able to participate in two conference calls.

    The first call will be approximately 75-80 minutes long and will cover a training topic that will help you better manage your practice, including the performance of your people, more successfully. Following each call, you will be able to ask questions and hear responses from Jay as well as from other leading Podiatrists on the calls. The second call will be an implementation call. This call will be organized in a group coaching session so the participants in the call can all talk about what they are doing to implement and utilize the ideas from the previous month’s call.

    Each month, you will receive two CDs (conference call plus implementation call) and a copy of all of the notes that you can use to train your practice management & staff. Podiatrists listen to these CDs in their cars and take this information and use it directly to train their management each month. This gives you a way to train and grow your staff each month for less than $25 a week with cutting edge, step-by-step, useful, and applicable insights and ideas you can use to outperform your competitors.

    DPM Hiring