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What We Do

As a Podiatrist, you simply want a great staff–right? You want a committed staff who shows up on time… are happy, effective, productive, get along with others and make your life easier and richer, yes?

Right now with such high unemployment, you have a greater choice about who you hire. The game is stacked in your favor. So … WHO will you hire? What key information will you use to decide who will succeed and who will underperform – before you make that hiring decision?

Answering these critical questions is why Jay Henderson and his team have mastered the unique Hiring MRI System. To help you and your hiring managers make great hiring decisions for your Podiatry practice.

You will better understand how to manage staff and know exactly what each employee needs to perform better, in any role… and you will definitely enjoy the results.

We make great hiring decisions and staff performance the easiest part of running your Podiatry Practice.

This is not a personality or behavioral assessment. It is not a Kolbe, DISC, Meyers Briggs or others you have likely experienced.

The Hiring MRI is a cutting edge system that measures how people think and how they make decisions – the key to their performance. Rather than a personality assessment the Hiring MRI is a PERFORMANCE Profile, even predicting what you need to know.

Click on RESULTS right now in the menu bar above to hear from other DPM’s about their successful experiences with the Hiring MRI and Jay’s expert advice. Prepare to be shocked by the amazing detail and accuracy of the results.

This is the insight of all insights… It reveals the thinking style and biases that drive the focus, judgment and actions that create a persons results.

Not sure we can do this for your office? Let us prove it.

Take The ‘Prove It To Me, Jay’
Jay, I’m not convinced! Before joining DPM Hiring, I’d like to take the ‘Prove It To Me Jay’ Challenge. Prove to me that you really can tell be about someone I know well… but who you’ve never met or even spoken with before. Send me the login and password immediately! And yes, I want to review the results together right over the phone.

Here’s What You Can Expect
Focused and Motivated Staff
More Accurate Hiring Decisions
Increased Profits
Better return on marketing
Accurate and Proven Results
Guaranteed Results
It takes a lot of skill— and years of training— to know everything that we know about the risks of hiring your specific job candidate the way we do. You’re not the expert! Unlike most, we use objective, mathematical, proven science to measure the exact thinking and decision making patterns that reveal your job candidates Talent, Skills & Competencies, Attitudes and Access to their ability to help you make a great decision and hire only the best.
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