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Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord NC


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“…find the right person on the first try”


A Hiring MRI is just that. As a busy foot and ankle surgeon I often use MRIs to help me get to the root of a patients pain. I explain to my patients that an MRI is a test that gives me the ability to look under the skin at what is really happening with tendons, ligaments, and joints. It shows me what may not be apparent with my exam and x-rays. I am usually very confident about my ability to diagnose foot and ankle problems. Sometimes the MRI confirms what I already know. Sometimes I am surprised by what I find.

The Hiring MRI works the same way. Like most people I think I am pretty good at interviewing and figuring out who will be a good fit for my business and who may not. The Hiring MRI helps look a little deeper and see what a person is really like, what they think and believe. It is really remarkable when you use it to ask some questions and people say, “how did you know that about me?”

The Hiring MRI will help you find the type of person you need for the position you need them in. Sometimes it will just confirm you have made a good choice. A good employee is hard to find and I appreciate having a new tool in my bag to find the right person on the first try.

~ Matt Neuhaus, DPM
Nashville, TN
Owner, Neuhaus Foot & Ankle Smyrna


“Prevents us from spending on bad hires!” 

“After receiving and utilizing the new report that we have now adopted worldwide in our recruitment and selection process, we want to thank you for your expertise and patience as you developed a customized tool that meets our needs so well.

We have every confidence that we will be making wiser hiring decisions throughout our network.

This technology prevents us from spending on bad hires that would not make it in the U.S.”

~ Joy Roark, Director of Recruitment, HCCA
Nashville, TN

“No more bad apples!”

“Since we started putting all new hires through your process – we’ve finally developed the team that is so strong, so competent, that I’m having employees come to me and say, ‘Wow – we’ve got such an incredible team. We have no bad apples.

I’ve even had clients ask me how I built such a great team.

I was once tempted to hire someone that I probably new in my gut that I shouldn’t hire and you helped me make the right decision!

For the first time ever, we’ve got a 100% rock star team. Now, everyone is rockin’ and it’s just a fun place for everyone — including me.

Let me add, the technology is amazingly accurate, but your incredibly insightful consulting takes it to a whole new level.”

~ Timothy Seward, CEO & Owner, RoiRevolution.com
Raleigh, N.C.

“I was blown away”

“I was blown away by how effective this is for us! It is a must have system for anyone making hiring decisions. With this information in hand I am able to make a hiring decision I can trust in a matter of minutes. It used to drag on for days and even weeks.”

~ Jonathan Munsell, President and Owner, Amazing Brands Restaurants & Catering
Raleigh, N.C.

“You’re advice will save me $100,000 per year!”

“This is truly amazing, Jay. I couldn’t believe how the technology pin-pointed things going on in my new hires inner self, and how much it effects his sales results. You told me exactly why he’s not selling, even though he could sell, and what to do about it. You were right again.”

~ Phillip Ray, CEO & Owner, Platinum Auto
Atlanta, GA

“What if we knew all of this a year ago?”

“We were amazed. In 10 minutes, without knowing us or anything about our business, you summed up our very own analysis of the mistakes we made as business owners over the past year, almost verbatim! What if we had known about you a year ago?”

~ Dr. Karl Banks, CEO and Ben Jesson, President Conversion-Rate-Experts.com
Staffordshire, England

It is incredible how accurate the test results are. The results were astounding.”

“Initially, I was never a proponent of this type of testing, particularly IQ testing. The CEO decided to have a test administered to all potential applicants. Your’s was the test chosen. I decided to take a proactive approach to the test, particularly when I read the format. I became very curious how 18 metrics could define specific characteristics.

It helped me to approach the second phase of the interview in a different way. My questions related to the Hiring MRI results and gave me a structure in approach, and I began to have a more comprehensive interview with stronger, more accurate results.

With the consulting I received from you, I could see the results immediately. It is incredible how accurate the test results are. To quench my curiosity, I had you administer both the Applicant and Management Interview Guide to me. I just wanted you to know, I thought the results were astounding.

The accuracy and depth of scope of the results for me indicated the absolute validity and integrity of the Interview Guide. We all think no one know us better than ourselves. Well, the Interview Guide does as well!

The results are always accurate and valid. There are times when the applicant shines in the interview but very inherent risks are identified in the guide. It provides a necessary awareness for the second interview to dig further into risk indicators.

Also, your turnaround time is immediate and expeditious. When a number of candidates are interviewing for one position, timing is paramount. One does not want to loose a very strong candidate. I can rely on you for returning the results quickly, usually within the day.

A strong team is invaluable and often, very hard to come by. The Interview Guide’s provide an efficient tool to get it right the first time. The savings is in the rehiring process, because we simply no longer have to.

I would recommend this to everyone. It is an effective and functional tool in the hiring process. Absolutely. I have a strong team as a result of the Interview Guide’s guidance. Thank you!”

~ Nancy L. Zablud, Controller
Boylan Companies, Raleigh, N.C.

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